Blithe (doll) is the latest collaboration between artists James and Lisa Woodley. This former punk bassist and vocalist share a unique personal connection and musical history that drives them to explore new ideas and concepts while maintaining a connection to their shared musical past.

James & Lisa blend their collective non-conformist punk ethos with experimental electronic music and electronic dance genres to create music that is at once avant-garde and accessible. Their music can range from slow, dark, introspective electronic soundscapes to uptempo, innovative electro/trip-hop siren calls.

The duo finds musical inspiration everywhere, from shapes like a small stellated dodecahedron to a collection of mid-century TV lamps to even a single synthesizer sound that releases a flood of ideas. B(d) is constantly probing the unknown, for it is from the unknown that they feel true originality is borne.


Blithe (doll)